Following on from our last article on how the train a new person in recruitment, this article now talks about the importance of early success in recruitment in recruitment training.

We all know that your attitude to recruitment (or any venture for that matter) will play a major role in how successful you become. If you don’t feel as though you are successful, then sooner or later you start to question why you are putting yourself through all the pain, and at this point, many give up.

We have often heard of people being in a “zone”. That zone is a peak state for performance. It’s the place where everything comes together. They hold themselves well, they are saying the right stuff in their mind, they are breathing right. Everything just works.

It has been proven that there is a “performance loop” or “state” within humans. Everything in the body is connected.

Try this.

  •  Stand with your shoulders forward and your head bowed.
  •  Make sure your eyes are looking down and to the right
  •  Take a couple of sighs
  •  Now try to think positive thoughts……………….

Its impossible isn’t it. The reason why is you have just replicated the physiology of someone who is very depressed or worried about something.

Now try this

Stand straight and as tall as you possibly can.

  •  Hold your head high
  •  Put your shoulders back
  •  Take a couple of deep breathes
  •  Tell yourself you are amazing in a convincing way
  •  Look up

Now try and think negative thoughts

Again you can’t because you have replicated a person in a peak state

When a professional athlete is preparing for their match they enter a “peak state” by going through a set of processes. Watch a professional Tennis player when they are getting ready to serve. The process they go through is usually exactly the same each time, e.g., they may bounce the ball the same number of times, they may play with the strings of their racquet, they may sway back and forth. It’s what is known as a pattern in psychology language. And if they don’t got through this pattern, they could have a bad round.

Recruitment is no different and in fact, if you have a new recruitment consultant who is “feeling” unsuccessful then its like rust in a car and starts to each away at your recruitment consultants confidence.

One of the things we suggest to all of our clients is to pay particular attention to your new recruitment consultants state. If they start off excited and start feeling crappy within two weeks, then it’s a tough gig to get them back. The key to this is their physiology, so what we are saying here,

is watch them, don’t listen to them because they will tell you what you want to hear.

To counteract this, have some roles for the new person to work on straight away. Now they may be very simple contingent roles or just doing some of the elements of the process they are at least starting the get an understanding of the necessary process. Even get them out on client visits to some “friendly” clients so they get that BD/client meetings piece sorted.

This not only consolidates the learning they are getting from Recruitment School, it also boosts their confidence. They start feeling like a recruitment consultant, which in turn puts them into the right state of mind and as discussed that is a large part of recruitment


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