L&D by AI? Workers say no thanks

In a recent study conducted by Wiley Workplace Intelligence involving 3,000 participants across North America, findings indicate a strong inclination towards human-led learning and development (L&D) rather than AI-driven approaches. The survey highlights that 59% of respondents express a preference for an instructor—whether physically present or virtually—to guide their workforce development training, while merely seven percent favour AI.

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I quit

The Great Resignation

So open up a tab in Google and search for The Great Resignation and you will find hundreds or articles on what is driving it, when it is happening and why the great resignation is happening. Very few of these

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Covid-19 Recruitment

COVID-19 Recruitment

COVID-19 Recruitment When we created and published our COVID-19 Recruiter Toolkit we spent some time talking about COVID-19 Recruitment or lack there of. In the toolkit we said that recovery will be interesting and no one knows exactly how its

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