Recruitment Training for beginners

Recruitment Training for Beginners

They say that one of the most stressful things you can do is chance careers. So how hard do you think it is for new people in the Recruitment Industry!

Despite what those outside of recruitment may think, Recruitment Agency land is a very hard gig. Only this morning I was talking to a person who tried recruitment and has a HR background. They lasted 18 months (which is pretty impressive actually) as they didn’t understand the sales element of the recruitment industry.

So how do you provide recruitment training for beginners? Here are some tips. By the way, it is these tips that make us one of the best trainers when it comes to getting new people productive as quickly as possible.

Unconscious Competence 

Those of you who are aware of the stages of learning know that there are four. We start at

  1. unconscious incompetence – where we didn’t know we didn’t know what to do
  2. conscious incompetence – where we know that we don’t know what to do
  3. conscious competence – where we know what to do but have to consciously think about it
  4. unconscious competence – where we are so proficient at something, we can do it with our eyes closed.

When we have a new person who has joined our industry we forget that they are at step one, totally unconsciously incompetent, yet we are sitting there unconsciously competent. So we get annoyed when they don’t pick up how to take a proper job brief, even though you have probably don’t that 1000 times.

All of our recruitment training is very granular so that the student can move through the four stages of learning quickly. Please remember, they are brand new, take it easy on them.

Chunks of Information

The human brain can handle 7-9 chunks of information at anyone time. Any more and we get overloaded. Now the difficult part of this is a chunk ranges in size. So the best analogy of this is when you learnt to drive (assuming you can drive).

When I learnt to drive my dear old father (who had never taught anyone how to drive) said something like this;

ok son, push the clutch in, start the car, check your mirrors, put it in first gear, look over your shoulder, slowly let the clutch out and as you are doing that slowly push down on the accelerator and get ready to change into second.

WHAT!!!!! Im stuck on start the car!

I was overwhelmed by his instructions because he didn’t break them down into chunks that I could handle. Just starting the car was probably seven chunks as there was a process to that.

Today however, all that is one chunk as I am unconsciously competent at driving, or at least I think I am anyway.

So don’t overwhelm your new people. They are still trying to figure out where to get coffee and the names of the people in the office.

That is why in our training we “layer” the lessons. We don’t launch into how to interview or how to do a ref check, because they are yet to learn the soft skills required to affectively carry out those actions.

If you are mindful of these two elements in your training, you will be much more successful in being able to bring new people into your organisation.

Recruitment School is the only training you will find that has been built to help you get new people up and running as quickly as possible. It is easy, affordable and flexible.

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