Telephone Interviewing

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Telephone Interviewing

One of the elements we need to keep on top of in Recruitment is efficiency, ie, getting more achieved/produced with the same amount of time. This is a key to our success as a recruiter. The art of telephone interviewing is not one that everyone can carry out well. This lesson will walk through how you carry out a Telephone Interview successfully

Telephone Interviewing

Welcome to Recruitment Ninja. This module is going to walk through how to conduct Telephone Interviews

Course Structure

  •  There is one module in this lesson which will take you approximately 30 minutes inclusive of the assessment
  • The lesson comes with a workbook which is a PDF version of the course. Please download the workbook and follow the video.


All participants in the How To Telephone Interview course should have a broad understanding of different roles that they will be interviewing for. You need the following experience

  • Be computer literate
  • Have access to a reliable internet connection
  • Have uninterruptible time to dedicate to the learning process
  • As this is a mandatory course for your Recruitment Ninja Green Belt accreditation, you will need to have completed the following course before you can start this course
    • Managing Expectations


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