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What are people saying about Recruitment School?

Nathan (3 yrs)

I have been in recruitment for 3 yrs and had no formal training until now. I have never heard of Managing Peoples Expectations before - never but once you hear it, it makes perfect sense. I now do it everywhere and its has helped me enormously

Claire (New)

What I like is that this content has been developed by someone who knows and understands the market, but also understands what is like to be brand new in the industry. Im so glad I did the Recruitment NINJA™ Course 

Natalie (CEO)

I purchased the Recruitment NINJA™ program for 3 new consultants and I learnt so much from it. I have been in the industry for 15 yrs and I am embarrassed to say that I learnt more about BD in an hour then in the last 15 years

Why use Recruitment School?


Recruitment is full of ambiguity and to help our students become awesome, most of our lessons come with an assessment that is complete with inbuilt ambiguity, to make sure you are learning.


All Recruitment School Courses have been proven to work. They have been thoroughly tested in a variety of different businesses, so you know you are getting the best.We even provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee


You can pay thousands for recruitment training and still not get a good outcome. Not with Recruitment School! Recruitment NINJA™ is only $358 + gst, you can’t get any better than that!

Recruitment School  Overview

We are not only a provider of recruitment training, at Recruitment School we provide so much more to help you. We can provide 1 on 1 coaching for all levels of recruiter right through to the CEO, we have a series of Podcasts and articles that provide FREE Recruitment Tips & Tricks so anyone can continue their learning and development and we provide a free and premium forum where participants can ask questions on any topic related to Recruitment and get answered by the some of the best in the industry.   

This quick video will provide an overview of how Recruitment School works.


100’s of Courses

We have courses on every aspect of the recruitment process and the skill required to execute these elements proficiently

We have broken the recruitment process down into bite size chunks and built a training courses for each and every aspect of the Recruitment process. Each lesson is under 30 minutes and can be accessed via any device, anywhere

The Job Brief

Taking a job brief is the start of the process and extremely important element of the recruitment process so learn how to do it right


The art of asking questions may seem simple enough but is a skill that alludes many. We will teach you how to question like a Ninja


At the heart of a successful recruitment campaign is the Recruitment Strategy yet many have no idea how to build a Recruitment Strategy - we show you how

Reference Check

An element often dismissed is Reference Checking. We walk through how to carry out a Reference Check correctly


Being able to negotiate a deal for both the Candidate and the Hiring Manager is essential and we show you how to Negotiate Ninja style


Interviews are where it comes together and we will teach you how to interview and extract the necessary information from candidates

Yellow belt ninja_magnifying glass_01

Become a Recruitment NINJA™

Recruitment NINJA™ is a competency based framework for the Recruitment profession.

Recruitment NINJA™ consists of over twenty five (25) lessons that are specifically designed to take a brand new person who knows nothing about recruitment and give them the majority of the knowledge they need to run a desk.


Increase Retention

Learning is all about retention and due to our busy lives too many of us find that we have gone through the learning only to forget what we have just learned. At Recruitment School we focus on retention through specially designed assessments for each lesson. We complement these with live and recorded webinars that are designed to increase student retention.

Recruitment school logo verticall
KM Ninja

Achieve your goals!

Despite what many feel, Recruitment is not an easy task. It requires a solid process that is consistently applied over and over again. At Recruitment School our job is to ultimately help you achieve your recruitment goals and here to help you along the way

Recruitment Tips & Tricks

Recruitment Tips & Tricks is where you will find articles on all sorts of parts of recruitment. The majority of these are titles are free and are full of useful information that will help you become a better recruiter.

Below are a few of these articles. Click here if you would like to find more Tips & Tricks Articles on Recruitment

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COVID-19 Recruitment

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COVID-19 Recovery Special – Online Recruitment training

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Recruitment School Changes post Covid

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Job Advertising over holiday periods

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John A


If you are looking for some amazing recruitment trainers then the team at Recruitment School are the best you will find. We have used them for over 12 months and I wish I had found them years ago



I was looking for someone who I could rely on to train our people. The training market seems to be full of people who didn't make it as a recruiter, however the team at Recruitment School are far from that. They know their stuff and we now use them for training and coaching. It has made my life so much easier

Fiona K


All I am going to say is that Steve and the team at Recruitment School are my saving grace. Without their guidance I think I would of been in an asylum by now. Do not hesitate in engaging these guys, they are amazing

Marie L

Head of L&D

We engaged the Recruitment School team and haven't looked back. They are now an integral part of our business and their involvement has actually reduced our staff turn over - yes its true, if you train your people they stay.

*please note: we protect the identity of our clients as in many cases we are one of their competitive advantages. 

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