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Some of our features

Let us share a few of the features of being a part of the Recruitment School community


All our lessons are online and able to be completed on a mobile device, so you can learn where ever you are, even on a beach. Not only that, you can pick and choose what lessons you want. 


Each lesson comes with a comprehensive workbook that you can download and keep. This allows all students the ability to refer back to their course notes after their learning.

Audio File

Most of our lessons come with a downloadable audio file (mp3) of the training video so that of you can learn whilst driving, travelling, running or lifting heavy things.


Recruitment is full of ambiguity and to help our students become awesome, each of our lessons comes with an assessment that is complete with inbuilt ambiguity, to make sure you are learning.


All Recruitment School Courses have been proven to work. They have been thoroughly tested in a variety of different businesses, so you know you are getting the best. We even provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee


You can pay thousands for recruitment training and still not get a good outcome. Not with Recruitment School! All of our courses are affordable, avg price under $500 per course. You can’t get any better than that!

Best Recruitment Training On The Planet

Thats a pretty bold claim, how can we say that?

Making the claim that we have the best Recruitment Training On The Planet could be construed as arrogant or could actually be true. How can we make such a claim?

Within Recruitment School, we have (collectively) over 200 years running recruitment functions, both agency and corporate. Throughout that we time we have tried and tested all the recruitment training that is available. Most of the recruitment specific training is generic, eg, how to interview etc. and there are many that claim that they are specialist recruitment trainers, most of whom are Rec 2 Rec Agencies who are trying to "cash in" on another service-line.

We have taken a different approach. Our training was born from our origins. When we took on the challenge to rebuild a renowned agency we needed a comprehensive training platform, one that was suitable for people who had never recruited before. After scouring the market we were surprised (and disappointed) with the quality of the training available. None of what was available in our local or international market addressed the soft skills and then applied them to the hard more rigid skills. We wanted training that taught the WHY you ask that question and then addressed the "how". If the WHY is missing, the picture and the learning experience is not complete. That is what most training consists of, purely HOW and that is why most people feel like they are being talked at.

So we built it ourselves. We started at the very beginning - language. We then broke the recruitment process down into "digest-able" chunks. We started layering, lesson upon lesson with some cornerstone lessons that help consolidate the students learning, and example of which is, "How To Manage Expectations". That lesson sounds easy enough however throughout our research we found that one of the major downfalls of recruiters was they didn't know how to manage expectations of candidates and hiring managers. WHAT! Why not? We cannot answer that question, however what we do know is we have addressed it in our training.

So back to our claim. Are we aware of every piece of recruitment training on the planet. To be honest, probably not. However of the recruitment training we have assessed from 12 different countries, we are the best and that is why we provide a 100% money back guarantee as outlined here.

Recruitment School Overview

The Who, What & How of Recruitment School


With over 25 years experience within the recruitment sector, our CKE (Chief Knowledge Enhancer), Steve Begg ensures the content that we use to teach people has been proven and tested. If it is new content, we will pick a group of current of past students to test it on before we release it. How cool is that.


We are the one stop shop for all your Recruitment training needs. We provide training for absolute Beginners through to Gurus, for Agency, InHouse and DIY recruiters, in fact, any one who Recruits. 

How does it work?

About Our CKE

In 1995 Steve Begg joined the Recruitment Industry as a National Account Manager. This was the first time Steve had heard of the recruitment industry. Early in his time someone said to him,

“if you are here in 6 months, you’ll be here in 6 years”.

More like 20+ years!!!!

Steve’s career has seen him

  • running businesses in three different countries,
  • working in all levels of recruitment
  • take the lead of an office within Hamilton James & Bruce where he achieved a massive 300% increase in EBITDA (profit)
  • take Tanner Menzies (NSW) from a basket case to the most profitable division in the group which was billing close to $1,000,000 a month in Gross profit
  • setting up Global Internal Recruitment functions for Corporates
  • and lately being the founder of several startups in the recruitment field.

and Steve today is the

  • CEO of Recruitment School which provides the best recruitment training on the planet, and
  • CEO and Co-founder of Yeehire – a platform developed to help organisations “filter” their candidates quickly and affordably available via web and the iOS platforms

Steve is the main facilitator (Chief Knowledge Enhancer) at Recruitment School so you are learning from one of the best. Not only is he good at the “recruitment” piece, Steve is trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming and uses these tools to make sure you are getting the best experience you can.


The best part of our training is our content, but coming a very close 2nd is our pricing. We pride ourselves on being extremely affordable

At Recruitment School we have worked very hard to try and cater for everyone. We know that everyone is at different stages of their development in the world of recruitment so we are very pleased to be able to provide a modular approach to your learning.

If you are new to recruitment we suggest you look at our Recruitment Ninja program. Recruitment Ninja has four belts or stages being

  1. Yellow Belt - a beginners course for those brand new to recruitment - 6 lessons
  2. Green Belt - for those who have been recruiting for less than 12 months - 6 lessons
  3. Blue Belt - super funky for the experienced recruiter - 6 lessons
  4. Black Belt - only to be attempted by the experienced and very confident of recruiters - 5 lessons
  5. Sensei - a specialist course that takes an experienced Recruitment Ninja and teaches them the way of the master (or Manager in Recruitment land)

and as in any martial art, you cannot progress to the next belt until you have successfully passed the current belt. It is aimed at developing your sliks over time.

Recruitment Ninja is available for both Agency and Internal/Corporate Recruiters

Each Recruitment Ninja Belt has flexibility built in as you get to choose the lessons that make up the belt. Sure there are some mandatory lessons, however the rest are up to you. Think of it like a menu in a restaurant, you get to choose what you like.

If you are a seasoned recruiter who simply wants to become better at what you do, then you may want to choose a individual lesson or an essentials pack where you get two lessons and a third free. It is great value.

  • 1 Lesson
  • Workbook
  • Audio File
  • Support
  • All lessons
  • All workbooks
  • All audio files
  • Supplimentary Material
  • Full support
  • 3 Lessons
  • Workbooks
  • Audio files
  • Support

*  all pricing is excluding 10% gst
** pricing per Recruitment Ninja Belt

Have Questions?

Here are some answers to the more common questions we get. If we haven't answered your query here, contact us via the chat function at the bottom righthand side of your screen, or use the form below.

How many times can I access a lesson/course?

You can access a course/lesson up to four times, after which you will be locked out, however you will have your Workbooks and Audio files.

Can I pause a course/lesson I am taking?

You can pause a course, however, you cannot pause a lesson within a course, so you need to complete the lesson and return. If your system drops out or similar during a lesson, you will have to re-start the lesson, which is not a big issue given most of them last for 30 minutes.

How often is new training content released?

We are continuously adding to our library of training material based on why our clientele is requesting, so please tell us what you would like to see.

Can I share the content with others people in my team?

No. The course is linked to you. We have strict security elements that know when you have shared the course with others that will shut you out of the system. 

What other forms of payment do we take?

We only accept credit card payment at this stage. We have had several people ask for direct debit payment, however we are unable to accomodate that method of payment at the moment. We will update the FAQ and post in Recruitment Tips & Tricks when this changes

Can Recruitment School do private label?

Yes we do. We can modify the training material to look like your brand. We can even build, host and maintain your very own LMS (Learning Management System). Please use the chat function at the bottom righthand side of your screen to contact us.

What if I dont like the course/lesson that I have?

All of our content has been tested and works. We know, we have implemented it. However if you truely believe the course content was sub-standard, we have a money back guarantee. Click here for more information.

What is included for the price of each lesson?

All pricing includes GST, Training video, Workbooks, Audio file and any supplementary information that may be needed for the course.

Can Recruitment School build custom training?

Yes we can. Please use the chat function bottom righthand corner of your screen to make contact with us.

Couldn't find your answer?

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