Recently we have posted a few articles on how to get new recruiters up to speed quickly, not just through new recruiter training. In this article we are talking about buddy systems for new recruiters works and aids their training.

Buddy systems for new recruiters is a great way to aid any new recruiter training and help get a new recruiter up and going as quickly as possible. However there are some elements of a buddy system that we need to be careful of which we will run through.

Choose your buddies carefully

If you haven’t learnt this the hard way, then here is a fact

a brilliant recruiter does not necessarily makes a good teacher.

In my experience, they make pretty bad teachers. The reason for this is they are so focused on an outcome and so unconsciously competent that they don’t actually know how they do what they do. So when you say “Jack, for the next month I want you to teach Billie what you do” you have broken their state. By breaking their state, they end up blaming Billie for their poor performance that month. Not an outcome you, Jack or Billie need.

Prepare your buddies

Make sure the buddy understands the steps of learning (see this article) so they understand why it’s important to take the new recruiter through smaller steps (chunks of information).

Regular Meetings

It is important, especially in the first stages of the process that the buddy and your new recruiter meet regularly, and we could be talking a couple of times a day. It doesn’t have to be a formal meeting, just a “check in” to make sure everything is ok. The more this happens, the more comfortable your new recruiter will feel to ask questions, which will help aid your new recruiter training.


Again referring back to our article on how people learn, the buddy needs to be consistent in their support. They need to understand that the new recruiter will take some time to understand a concept and patience here is vital. We are not saying that you let them “drag-on”, just be mindful that these concepts are new and in many cases foreign to the new recruiter.

If you follow these steps, together with the teachings from recruitment school (click here to view our courses), your new recruitment consultants will become productive a lot quicker than most.

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