Providing the best recruitment training on the planet

How can we justify that

Making the claim that we have the best Recruitment Training On The Planet could be construed as arrogant or could actually be true. How can we make such a claim?

Within Recruitment School, we have (collectively) over 200 years running recruitment functions, both agency and corporate. Throughout that time we have tried and tested all the recruitment training that is available. Most of the recruitment specific training is generic, eg, how to interview etc. and there are many that claim that they are specialist recruitment trainers, most of whom are Rec 2 Rec Agencies who are trying to “cash in” on another service-line.

We have taken a different approach. Our training was born from our origins. When we took on the challenge to rebuild a renowned agency we needed a comprehensive training platform, one that was suitable for people who had never recruited before.

Look for why

All our training is is based on the WHY rather than how. If you know why you are asking those questions, then the how comes easily. Too many trainers talk to students, a methodology that has terrible retention rates

Be different

There are 100's of training houses so we needed to be different. We wanted to provide a solution where content is king, a solution that is flexible because we are all busy, a solution that appeals to all levels of Recruiter and a solution that is easy to implement without costing a fortune.

Watch the cost

In todays market where there is consistant margin pressure and increasing costs, the last thing you need is an expensive training solution. That is why we have modularised our training so you control the cost.

Our Skills & Expertise

We have been doing this for a while now. With over twenty-five years experience within the recruitment sector, our CKE (Chief Knowledge Enhancer), Steve Begg ensures the content that we use to teach people has been proven and tested. If it is new content, we will pick a group of current of past students to test it on before we release it. How cool is that.


Steve’s career has seen him

  • running businesses in three different countries,
  • working in all levels of recruitment
  • take the lead of an office within a publicly listed company where he achieved a massive 300% increase in EBITDA (profit)
  • take a well recognised professional firm in NSW from a basket case to the most profitable division in the group which was billing close to $1,000,000 a month in Gross profit
  • setting up Global Internal Recruitment functions for Corporates
  • and lately being the founder of several startups in the recruitment field.


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