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Here are some answers to the more common questions we get. If we haven’t answered your query here, contact us via the form at the bottom this page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Remember, we are here for you so if you have some sort of special request, then don't be afraid to ask. 

You can access a course/lesson up to four times, after which you will be locked out, which is why we say download your Workbooks.

You can pause a course, however, you cannot pause a lesson within a course, so you need to complete the lesson and return. If your system drops out or similar during a lesson, you will have to re-start the lesson, which is not a big issue given most of them last for 30 minutes.

We are continuously adding to our library of training material based on what our clientele is requesting, so please tell us what you would like to see and will will do our best to accomodate your needs.

No. The course is linked to you and your email address via your IP address. We have strict security elements that know when you have shared the course with others that will shut you out of the system. So please don't share. Our pricing has been set to be affordable for everyone. Sharing is stealing.

We only accept credit card payment at this stage. We have had several people ask for direct debit payment, however we are unable to accomodate that method of payment at the moment. We will update the FAQ and post in Recruitment Tips & Tricks when this changes

Yes we do. We can brand the training material to incorporate your brand. We can even build, host and maintain your very own LMS (Learning Management System). Please use the chat function at the bottom righthand side of your screen to contact us.

All of our content has been tested and works. We know, as we have used it in Recruitment Agencies. However if you truely believe the course content was sub-standard, we have a money back guarantee. Click here for more information.

All pricing (excludes GST) includes Training video, Workbooks, and any supplementary information that may be needed for the course. We also provide support for all active students as well.

Yes we can. Please use the chat function bottom righthand corner of your screen to make contact with us to discuss

Simply choose the course you are interested in, click the "add to cart" button and click the cart icon on the top right hand side of the screen. From there simply follow the instructions

Yes you can. Our system can be configured to add a Group Leader who can then buy and allocate training when necessary. The Group leader is also able to access reports, add and remove students and mark assignments. Contact us using the form below to find out more.

Our courses are allocated to Recruitment Ninja Belts. Visit our courses page and those in a Yellow image are associated with the Yellow Belt, Green images are associated with the Green Belt etc. All images have a title at the top Course, Webinar, Coaching etc. This tells you what the item is. If you have brand new people, we suggest giving them access to the Yellow & Green Belts.

Recruitment Ninja is a competency based framework built by Recruitment School. The Ninja program is based on levels or belts. Recruitment Ninja starts at Yellow Belt for brand new people; Green Belt for experienced people; Blue belt for very Experienced people and finally Back Belt for gurus of recruitment. Note: Post COVID Blue & Black Belts have been broken down into individual lessons and can be found in our Advanced Lessons section

Everything you need to create Recruitment Ninja's

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