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As a 360 degree recruiter in Agency land you need to make sure you have plenty of work on your desk otherwise you could be in fear of loosing your job. If you have enough work, you then need to to make sure it’s convertible work, as in it is fillable, and will generate revenue. There is no use having 20 commission only real estate sales agent roles that are almost impossible to fill. You need roles that will generate revenue.

There is a magic “silent” word in Business Development and it is consistency. If you make 100 calls per week to prospects, chasing business, and you do that every single week, you will pick up business. It’s a numbers game, has been for the past 100 years and will be for the next 100.

I used to manage a very successful business. Within that business was a lady who was brilliant at what she did as a recruiter but hated the BD side of her role. But she knew that if she didn’t generate the work, she was unemployed, so every single day, before she spoke to anyone else in the office, she sat and made phone calls until she had spoke with 25 people. Every single day she did this before she had a coffee. Before she checked in to see what her work colleagues weekend was like. Before she checked her email. Every Single Day!

On average, she would have 10-15 jobs on the go at any point in time. And given she had a perm/contract job in the accounting space, with an average invoice value of $25,000, she had over $250,000 in the pipe at all times.

Now you may not like recruitment Business Development but if you apply consistency to it and get it out of the way before anything else in the day, you too can conquer this demon.

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