How To – Business Development

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This module is going to walk through a frame work on how you can improve your Business Development if you are in a recruitment agency. This is a long course and as we aim to keep the lessons under 30 minutes, this course has been broken up into four modules, with only one assessment. As this is a course extracted from our Recruitment Ninja Green Belt, you will be awarded 30 Ninja Credits upon successfully completing this course. 

How To - Business Development

This module is going to walk through a frame work on how you can run your business development if you are in a recruitment agency

How To - Business Development has been built for our Recruitment Ninja (Agency) and Recruitment Bootcamp Courses which we use to train agency recruiters, so its some of the best recruitment content you will find on the planet!

Course Structure

  •  There is one module in this lesson which will take you approximately 90 minutes inclusive of the assessment
  • The lesson comes with a workbook which is a PDF version of the course and and Audio version of the course which you can use to listen whilst in the car or traveling.
  • The course also includes a copy of the Australian Privacy Principles which we encourage you to become familiar with.


All participants in How To - Business Development course should have a broad understanding of recruitment. You need the following experience

  • Be computer literate
  • Have access to a reliable internet connection
  • Have uninterruptible time to dedicate to the learning process
  • Have experience as some sort of Business Development in the past
  • Have had experience recruiting in an agency environment


Once complete, participants will

  • be competent in running a business development framework
  • be able to pitch for work
  • have an understanding of new business meeting structure
  • have a framework to help with account management

Who is Best Suited for this Course?

The best suited person to complete this course is someone

  • who is in recruitment agency and may need a different perspective on Business Development


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