So what is the Return On Investment from Training & Development In Recruitment Agencies?

By Steve Begg  - CEO - Recruitment School

At a recent industry conference, I was asked if I could quantify the Return On Investment of Training in the Recruitment Industry and unfortunately I couldn't.

It is not that I didn't want to, but the reason I couldn't was purely because there are so many "moving parts" to ones performance in recruitment. What do I mean by that?

If we take a brand new person, Charlie, and drop them into Recruitment Agency A and then enrolled them into our training, does that guarantee Charlie's success?

No way in the world can I, nor would I attempt to justify that.

The reason why is because there are too many "moving parts" that can and will effect Charlie's performance.

  • Staff/Office culture
  • Staff morale
  • Does the Manager have the ability to train support and develop their people
  • Is there allocated time to learn and absorb
  • Is there support from others
  • What is the "Desk temperature" (warm or frozen)

and the list can just keep going.

Sure, I can introduce you to people who have started billing quicker then most after doing our Recruitment Ninja training, however is that Return On Investment ........ yes it probably is.

However I couldn't sit back and say, in this company profitability increased by this much because of our training ..... well I couldn't, until now.

The video that is embedded in this post is a live case study on how our Recruitment Ninja Training has helped an organisation turn around their operation. More importantly, it shows the dramatic effect of  what happens when YOU DON'T train and invest in your people.

This is real data and I really appreciate the opportunity to share this with you.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this video in more detail contact me via email by clicking here and we can chat further.

Hope it helps

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