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In these uncertain times it is unfortunate that employees need to be transitioned out of a company. A Career Transition (or Outplacement Program) is absolutely the right thing to do for these employees, but you DO NOT have to spend thousands on that program.

The Recruitment School Career Transition Program is both affordable and extremely effective.

We teach your people how the recruitment process works which in turn have them ready for that next phase in their career.

  • All prices are excluding GST for Australian organisations
  • Workshops are carried out via an online meeting service and are 1 hour in duration

What's Included.....

Group Workshops

One of the best parts of our Career Transition Program is the participation in Group Workshops of which there are four each being 1 hr long. These help participants realise that they are not alone and hear what others are going through. In the workshop we walk through the intricacies of the recruitment process, walk through why most people do not know how to build an effective resume and talk through effective interview techniques.

Static Lessons

Together with our live group online meetings we provide a series of pre-recorded lessons that participants need to undertake. These lessons can be watched anywhere on any device (internet connection required). They cover off how to format a CV, how to build your network, what Recruiters (which is anyone carrying out a recruitment process) are looking for and many other topics. Lessons range between 30 minutes and 90 minutes. Each lesson has a workbook.


When in the process of transitioning your career you will experience highs and lows, they are unfortunately part of the territory. As a result we have built a closed group on the Telegram Messenger platform so that participants in the Recruitment School Career Transition Program can gain access to support most times of the day. This support is used heavily and is one of the elements that sets us apart from everyone else. 

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  • Please note: we are not a recruitment agency and as such we do not find people jobs. We teach people how to find the next role in their career.
  • Bulk discounts are available as follows. -10% for 11-20 participants, -20% for 21-30 participants, -25% for 31 + participants. Please contact us using below form to claim discount
  • Customised packages available. Please use the contact us form at bottom of this page

*all prices are excluding GST for Australian organisations

What others say about us...


Customer Service Agent

I was employed with the same company for 10 years and when COVID hit I lost my job. Luckily my old Company signed me up with a Career Transition Program through Recruitment School. I had never been for an interview or created a CV so the help from the team was amazing. It also helped knowing that I wasn't the only one going through this. I secured employment within a month. Sam



I live in a rural area and had a great job as a merchandiser. My work stopped when my company decided to outsource merchandising. They bought me a Career Transition Program through Recruitment School and they were great. Within two months I had a better job than what I had I and due to the help from Recruitment School, found it myself which was great. 



I was in a Senior Management role and the company I was with was acquired. I had a choice to either stay or take a redundancy package and a Career Transition Program. I chose the latter. I am so glad I did. The Recruitment School Career Transition Program helped me realise my transferable skills. I have since opened my own business. I work from home and spend lots of time with the kids who I never used to see. Amazing!


HR Director

I recently had the unfortunate task of letting go 27 people after we closed a division due to COVID. We provided each of the people a Career Transition Program through Recruitment School. The feed back from the people who went through the program was amazing. All but one has secured new employment with that one chose to retire. I would not hesitate in appointing Recruitment School to handle your Career Transition.



What I like about the Recruitment School Career Transition Program is they get straight into how the recruitment process works. Yes they help people build their CV's and get ready for interviews etc but its the "how to secure a job" that is the best part. We have used them for over 30 people now and have no problem recommending them. 



I run a small transport company. I only have 9 people in my team. We primarily deliver to the Aged Care sector so we all have to be double vaccinated. I had one of my people refused to be vaccinated so unfortunately we (mutually) decided that it was time to part company which was very sad. We decided to enrol him into the Recruitment School Career Transition Program. It was awesome. He now has another job and loves it. They [The Recruitment Training School] made a very difficult situation easy for both parties. 

Who is Recruitment School

With over 30 years in the Recruitment & Human Resources field we have forgotten more than most people know on this topic. In 2015 we developed Recruitment School as a vehicle to pass on knowledge to the professional Recruitment Industry.

Leading into 2019 we started developing our SMB (Small-Medium Businesses) modules so that you could benefit from our knowledge - after all most SMB's cannot afford a typical Recruitment Agencies fees and therefore struggle to find the right people.

Once our Recruitment & Retention modules were complete we found there was a greater demand for a HR Framework. We took the HR Framework we used to sell in one of our (past) sister companies for over $10,000 and modified for you. Now we have everything (within reason that is) that any SMB will need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the more common questions we get. If we haven’t answered your query here, contact us via the form at the bottom this page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Remember, we are here for you so if you have some sort of special request, then don't be afraid to ask. 

John A


If you are looking for some amazing recruitment trainers then the team at Recruitment School are the best you will find. We have used them for over 12 months and I wish I had found them years ago



I was looking for someone who I could rely on to train our people. The training market seems to be full of people who didn't make it as a recruiter, however the team at Recruitment School are far from that. They know their stuff and we now use them for training and coaching. It has made my life so much easier

Fiona K


All I am going to say is that Steve and the team at Recruitment School are my saving grace. Without their guidance I think I would of been in an asylum by now. Do not hesitate in engaging these guys, they are amazing

Marie L

Head of L&D

We engaged the Recruitment School team and haven't looked back. They are now an integral part of our business and their involvement has actually reduced our staff turn over - yes its true, if you train your people they stay.

*please note: we protect the identity of our clients as in many cases we are one of their competitive advantages. 

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Career Transition

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