Recruitment Training
for Small - Medium Businesses

Are you a Small - Medium Business? Do you struggle when it comes to finding new people? Is Recruitment a painful chore that you find yourself avoiding? Do you waste a lot of time trying to find people and then not find anyone at all?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

We teach the recruitment industry how to do what they do and now we have a training program specifically for Small - Medium Businesses. We will show you how to recruit new people. 
You are no longer alone!

Where to find them

Have you ever posted an ad on an Internet Job Board and hoped that someone [good] will apply and in the end found no one? We call that the "Post & Pray Recruitment Strategy" and it is the worst recruitment strategy you can adopt. We will show you how to source candidates properly.


Too many people do not understand what the Recruitment process is! Recruitment is not recruitment, it is marketing. If you sell widgets you market them to the world and have a sales person convert any enquiry to a sale. Recruitment is no different, you are simply using a different message

Soft skills

Yes there interviews and yes you need to know what questions you need to ask or can ask to extract the information you need to decide if the candidate is the right person! This is the complex part of the Recruitment process. Don't worry about it as we are going to teach you how to interview, the right questions to ask, and how you ask those hard questions. 

Who is Recruitment School

With over 30 years in the Recruitment & Human Resources field we have forgotten more than most people know on this topic. In 2015 we developed Recruitment School as a vehicle to pass on knowledge to the professional Recruitment Industry.

Leading into 2019 we started developing our SMB (Small-Medium Businesses) modules so that you could benefit from our knowledge - after all most SMB's cannot afford a typical Recruitment Agencies fees and therefore struggle to find the right people.

You are not alone any more!


What lessons to expect

Following are some of the lesson topics you will find within Recruitment School for SMB's

By the way, each lesson is under 30 minutes and can be accessed via any device, anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Ad writing

We cannot get away from writing ads so we will teach you how to do it properly


Interviewing can be scary if you don't know what you are doing. We will teach you and support you through the process

Filtering Applications

Some ads generate a lot of interest and as a result you may end up with hundreds of applications. We will teach you how to filter these quickly and efficiently 

Reference Checks

Do you know that many Recruitment Agencies and large employers now automate the reference checking process. It is the dumbest thing we have ever heard of. We will teach you why


When people do not know the recruitment process well they end up failing at the negotiation element which is a waste of time given you have been through the whole process. We will teach you how to negotiate in recruitment!

Much much more

There are so many more elements to the recruitment process and we will be teaching you all of the parts you need and providing support along the way!

Yellow belt ninja_with laptop_03

Become a Recruitment Ninja!

Small-Medium Business Recruitment Ninja is a competency based framework that we use to teach you the art of recruitment. Recruitment Ninja is used to teach the recruitment industry what they do for a living, now we are teaching you, Small-Medium Businesses how to Recruit.

You are no longer alone!

Increase Retention

Learning is all about retention and due to our busy lives too many of us find that we have gone through the learning only to forget what we have just learned. At Recruitment School we focus on retention through specially designed assessments for each lesson. We complement these with live and recorded webinars that are designed to increase student retention.

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KM Ninja

Achieve your goals!

Despite what many feel, Recruitment is not an easy task. It requires a solid process that is consistently applied over and over again. At Recruitment School our job is to ultimately help you achieve your recruitment goals and here to help you along the way

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the more common questions we get. If we haven’t answered your query here, contact us via the form at the bottom this page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Remember, we are here for you so if you have some sort of special request, then don't be afraid to ask. 

John A


If you are looking for some amazing recruitment trainers then the team at Recruitment School are the best you will find. We have used them for over 12 months and I wish I had found them years ago



I was looking for someone who I could rely on to train our people. The training market seems to be full of people who didn't make it as a recruiter, however the team at Recruitment School are far from that. They know their stuff and we now use them for training and coaching. It has made my life so much easier

Fiona K


All I am going to say is that Steve and the team at Recruitment School are my saving grace. Without their guidance I think I would of been in an asylum by now. Do not hesitate in engaging these guys, they are amazing

Marie L

Head of L&D

We engaged the Recruitment School team and haven't looked back. They are now an integral part of our business and their involvement has actually reduced our staff turn over - yes its true, if you train your people they stay.

*please note: we protect the identity of our clients as in many cases we are one of their competitive advantages. 

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