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Recruitment is complex task, a task that requires Managers and Leaders to be on top of things every single day.

The Recruitment School Mentor Program is specifically built to help you become a better you.

You work one on one with Steve Begg - our Founder and Chief Knowledge Enhancer - who will impart his knowledge and wisdom that comes from running organisations for over 20 years.

Imagine being able to have a person with Steve's credentials sitting in your corner. By the way, here is a little of what Steve has achieved

  • Took a reputable Generalist Recruitment firm from losing $700k per year to making a $2.4 million PROFIT within two years
  • Rescuing an insolvent Industrial Agency with >$10million in liabilities and turning a profit within 18 months
  • Increasing the profitability of a mid-level Professional Agency by 3000% within 2.5 years
  • Building a national Internal recruitment framework to service a network of over 300 offices
  • Design and create a global recruitment function with operations in Australia, NZ, Ireland, South America and USA.

It's Different

Who makes a good mentor and where you find these people? A mentor is someone who sees the potential in you and helps you by building belief in yourself. Have you ever wondered what is on the other side of doubt? Massive success, thats what is there. 

Yes the Recruitment School Mentor Program is centred around running Recruitment & HR functions, however we are different. We are different because we take a personal approach and overlay the mechanics of the industry which is really very cool. We are not talking about role specific skills, we are talking life long skills.

It's Structured

Many Mentoring "programs" are fairly loose, meaning they are not structured. The Recruitment School Mentor Program is extremely structured because after the time we spend with you, we want to make sure you are able to transform the knowledge into results.

We start with a extensive situational analysis were we find as much as we can about you. We also add some science with some "personality" assessments as we want to know who you are. From here we build a very structured approach to help you achieve your desired outcomes. 

It's About You

Too many people are not giving themselves enough credit for their achievements. When you are empowered, what ever the outcome is, it is your doing. If you smash your budgets for the financial year, then its because of you. Yes, the team did well, however, the leader made that happen. How can we say that, because you are the custodian of culture.

Culture will smash your business strategy any day. You can have the best strategy on the planet, but if your culture stinks, then you will not achieve the strategy. Culture wins every time - its all about you!

Limited Space

As the Recruitment School Mentor Program is intensive, we limit the number of individuals we work with at any time.

The Formal Mentoring Programs are 3 + 3 months in duration and we only work with 10 people at a time. If you would like to reserve your spot, please send an email to help@recruitmentschool.com.au with Mentor Program in the subject line and we will come back to you with times to chat.

How Does it Work?

The Mentor and mentee spend an hour together every week for six months. Direct communication channels (Slack, Facebook, Skype, Zoom, Chat etc) are created so that ongoing communication can happen efficiently.

  1. The first phase (four sessions) are used to establish a baseline from which we work.
  2. The second phase (four sessions) are used to identify current situation and well formed desired outcomes. Our plan is now built and will consist of fiscal targets, desired organisational "culture" to achieve objectives, and resource plan
  3. Phase three (five sessions) is all about execution whilst building awareness.
  4. Phase 4 (13 sessions) is where we execute/assess/iterate/execute continuously to achieve the desired outcome

Who is eligible?

The Recruitment School Mentor Program is only available to Leaders in the Recruitment Industry. Should you be looking for a similar program for Recruiters, please see our coaching range by clicking here.

People who should consider the Recruitment School Mentor Program are people who may be

  • New to management/leadership
  • Leaders looking to that added ongoing support
  • Leaders which to transform their ways
  • Leaders who are "stuck" and looking for help to advance



The Recruitment School Mentor Program runs for six months with payment being split over two payments.

  1. Fifty percent ($4,475 + gst) payable on commencement
  2. Fifty percent ($4,475 + gst) to be paid at commencement of stage four.

Terms and conditions:

  • no refunds for drop outs or resignations
  • commitment is for 6 months, withdrawal available at commencement of stage 4 with a penalty of 20% of outstanding amount
  • 20% discount if total $8950 paid at commencement.
  • Recruitment School standard terms applicable.
  • Pricing exclusive of of 10% gst

Want more information?

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