Recruitment Ninja – Sensei

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Recruitment Ninja – Sensei

Ninja Black Sensei is the final step in your Recruitment Ninja journey. Recruitment Ninja Sensei is the element that helps transition you from a recruiter to a Manager of people. It is all about taking you and providing a tool kit that will assist you in your Management career. This is a specialist course and is not suitable for everyone. To access this course, irrespective of how long you have been in the industry, you must have completed Recruitment Ninja Black belt because the Black belt lays the foundation upon which we build your Sensei skill. Recruitment Ninja Sensei will give you a thorough understanding of Finance including Forecasting, how to set and drive KPI’s, how to build an amazing culture, how to hire the right talent (and trust me, you have no idea how to recruit until you are recruiting for yourself), how to structure your team and a lot more. Please be aware to complete Recruitment Ninja – Sensei you will need between 25-35 hours.

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Recruitment Ninja - Sensei

This is the complete Recruitment Ninja - Sensei course, everything you need.

Recruitment NINJA is the only intensive training program specifically designed for brand new people who joining agency recruitment. It is designed to provide the foundation training so that any new person can "get up to speed" as quickly as possible.

Recruitment Ninja Sensei is a self-learning course and requires 80-120 minutes per lesson, of which there are 11. This course will take you around 20 hours to complete

Course Structure

Recruitment Ninja - Sensei is a course that helps you transition from Recruiter to Team Leader/Manager. The course is broken up into 11 lessons of which there are 3-5 topics. Each lesson has a quiz with some including a essay type submission. The course can be passed at any time but not through a topic.


  • The Recruitment Ninja - Sensei is only for those who have completed the Recruitment Ninja Black belt. You cannot enrol into this course unless the Black Belt has been completed.
  • Recruitment Ninja - Sensei students must have an understanding of the behind the scenes workings of a recruitment function (agency or in-house).
  • Must understand the concepts of advertising/sourcing strategies, understand the concept of mentoring, understand goal setting and KPI's.


Once complete, participants will be primed and ready to take on a Team lead/Manager role. Please note: even tough someone has complete there Sensei course, they may not be suitable for the role of a Team Leader/Manager due to personality traits.


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