Recruitment Ninja – Blue Belt

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Recruitment Ninja – Blue Belt

Ninja Blue Belt is the third stage of your Recruitment Ninja Journey. In Blue belt we start working on elements like Psychology, Pay Per Click Advertising through Social channels like Facebook and Instagram, Goal Setting and Strat to explore the role of a Manager in Recruitment. This is where things start getting real and this course cannot be attempted by someone who hasn’t completed the Green Belt or had in excess of 5 years experience in recruitment.

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Recruitment Ninja - Blue Belt

This is the complete Recruitment Ninja Blue Belt course, everything you need.

Recruitment NINJA is the only intensive training program specifically designed for brand new people who joining agency recruitment. It is designed to provide the foundation training so that any new person can "get up to speed" as quickly as possible.

Recruitment Ninja Blue Belt is a self-learning course and requires 60-80 minutes per lesson, of which there are 9.

Recruitment NINJA has been specifically designed for those who are new to the recruitment industry in a agency and have the support of their Manager or other experienced recruiters to help them get up and going.

If support is not available, or you feel as though you may require more support, add on 3 Months Coaching  to help give you that extra edge. Our Recruitment Coaching package will provide support throughout the learning process and beyond.

Course Structure

Recruitment Ninja - Blue Belt  contains a self-learning program and requires a minimum of 60 - 80 minutes per module (broken up into 4 topics). There are 9 modules which can be completed over a period of time.


All participants in any of our Recruitment Ninja courses should have a broad understanding of different roles that they will be recruiting. You need the following experience

  • Have an understanding of corporate structures. This will be covered in the course however only lightly
  • Have had some sort of heavy duty sales experience. The recruitment industry is sales based and if you haven't had that background you are going to find it difficult
  • Be computer literate
  • Have access to a reliable internet connection
  • Have uninterruptible time to dedicate to the learning process
  • For the Blue Belt, you must have completed the Green Belt or have in excess of five (5) years recruitment agency experience
  • Must understand the concepts of advertising and the internet eg, what is a url, a hyperlink, a webpage etc


Once complete, participants will

  • be competent in overcoming complex objections
  • have an understanding of how to use psychology in the art of recruitment,
  • be able to set and manage their own KPI's together with a thorough understanding of what drives their business
  • have a knowledge of PPC advertising and how it works



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