Job Advertising over holiday periods!

Today is Easter Monday in NSW of Australia where I live. I have just checked the number of job ads that are new on Seek.com.au – the largest job board in Australia, and to my absolute amazement there were 2,337 job ads posted in the past 3 days across the country – yet the country has been on holidays for the past 3 days!

What is actually going on. How many recruiters actually believe that people are off work on holidays looking for a job? That was my thought anyway, so as a good researcher I decided to test that belief of mine and to do so I went to Facebook and posted a very simple poll for people in my community. The poll asked,

“for those looking for work at the moment (employed or unemployed) how many are using the Easter break to look for and apply for work”

The poll was answered by 698 people and a massive 98% answered NO!

That means that even the unemployed are taking a break from looking for work so why would you as a professional recruiter be posting ads over a four day public holiday period!

Three options here.

  1. you’re lazy or
  2. your desperate or
  3. didn’t even think of that (which could be the case if you’re a DIY recruiter or 1 or 2 above)

Again, I decided to test my thoughts and assess the 2,337 jobs and I am very pleased to say that it looks like around 30% are through agencies, around 40% were through internal recruitment functions and the remainder (30%) were private or DIY recruiters. That still means that 70% of the ads were from “professional” recruiters – or better still, people who should know better.

Please before you launch out and start lining the pockets of Seek, think about your sourcing strategy, what are the market conditions at that point in time, what is the competition and what are they doing. This is the basis of our Building a Recruitment Strategy Lesson and if you are one of the 2,337 who have advertised over the past three days, you probably should take that lessons as it will save you a heap of time and reduce your frustration levels.

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