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Group Leader Dashboard

Welcome to Recruitment School's Group Leader Dashboard.

This dashboard allows Group Leaders to assign and manage participants in their courses. A Group Leader is someone who has been granted authorisation over an account by Recruitment School, for example, ABC Recruitment has 20 recruiters in their business. They have granted Julie Group Leader rights. Julie is able to buy and allocate training to her team through this dashboard as well as pull reports that show status and completion rates.

Below you will find the following sections

  • Group - The Group Name you have administration rights over
  • Group Courses - A list of the courses that you have access to. You can hover your mouse over these and select them
  • Enrolled Users - a list of all the people who are part of your group where you can
    • add additional users
    • upload a CSV of users
    • download the user keys (a user key is required to access the training)
    • produce a progress report that will show the progress of each user
    • produce a quiz report that shows the result of quiz's that have been taken
  • Group Leaders - where the Group Leaders are managed/added/removed
  • NEW Email Users - allows Group Leaders to email their students right from the Group Management page. Please note that emails sent with this new functionality are sent on behalf of Group Leaders (so the reply-to address will be theirs) and that emails go to all members of the group.

If you are the leader of more than one Group, simply choose the group you would like to administer from the dropdown box next to Group:

You do not have permission to manage groups.

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