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Hi Steve and team at Recruitment School. Just wanted to say congratulations on the forum, I think it is a great concept. I met Steve the other week at Recruitment Yarns and dropped by this morning to have a look at some training for 2 new people I have, and noticed this new feature of on the platform, and here I am asking questions. Looks only new but definitely required in our industry, so well done guys, I will be a frequent visitor. Can I make a recommendation, have a category for Management/Owner issues as well

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Posted by Alison
Asked on 08/06/2019 4:51 am
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Good morning Alison, see I am not the only one that does early. Thanks for the feedback on the forum. We wanted this lunched before the Yarns tour but had a few challenges so it has taken a little longer than expected, but its here now and will get better in time. As I mentioned when we met at Yarns, Recruitment School is about sharing knowledge. Most other industries are doing this well and we aren't. This is our way of helping people help each other. Thanks for recommendation on an additional category, we added that this morning for you. I will call you next week about your other question around Rec to Recs and Facebook advertising. Have a great long weekend - Steve

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Posted by Steve Begg (Questions: 5, Answers: 12)
Answered on 08/06/2019 5:06 am
Thanks Steve - like a true Ninja
(Alison at 08/06/2019 5:26 am)
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