Recruitment Ninja YELLOW BELT

Welcome to Recruitment Ninja - Yellow Belt.

Recruitment Ninja is the only Recruitment Framework that applies to both Agency and Corporate Recruitment. We follow the martial arts methodology as we feel that provides the structure required to turn you into a brilliant recruiter or more to the point, a Recruitment Ninja.

The Yellow Belt is the first of your belts. This Belt is where we lay the foundations upon which we are going to build your Recruitment Skills. Your yellow belt consists of 10 lessons, all of which are pretty easy.

If you need any help, click on the ^ arrow at the bottom right hand side of your screen, and ask a question using our chat function. The chat function is operated between 9am and 4pm ESTDS (NSW Time). If it is outside of these times ask the question anyway as we will usually be hanging around and will be able to help.

Below is the list of lessons. Simply click on the title and you will be taken to that lesson. Its that easy.

Good luck with your training  -  see you on the other side.