Knowledge Master - 3

The Knowledge Master course is designed to add support for those undergoing the Recruitment Ninja training. Think of a Knowledge Master as a coach, or a support mechanism for those who may have questions about the Recruitment Ninja Training system. The Knowledge Master is not a trainer of content, they are a Master in the "WHY" Recruitment Ninja has been built this way.

Stage Three

Welcome to Ignite Knowledge Master - Stage Three.

You are doing an amazing job getting through this content.

Stage Three is no different to stage Two - except there are three (3) lessons, Pre/Post Start Checks, Business Development & Managing Your Desk.

The Business Development course is long, therefore we have broken it up into chunks so it is easily digestible. There are four (4) parts to it and each part is between 15-25 mins in length. The workbook is a complete workbook so you don't have to download four books.

Again, you don't have to complete the assessments (they have been turned off) but you do have to participate in a webinar when you have completed overviewing the content.

Please register for the webinar in the iKM - 3 Webinar lesson.

Look forward to chatting soon.