Knowledge Master – 2

The Knowledge Master course is designed to add support for those undergoing the Recruitment Ninja training.

Think of a Knowledge Master as a coach, or a support mechanism for those who may have questions about the Recruitment Ninja Training system. The Knowledge Master is not a trainer of content, they are a Master in the “WHY” Recruitment Ninja has been built this way.

iKM Stage Two – by now you will have completed the Recruitment School Induction, three lesson overviews and participated in a webinar. Stage Two consists of three (3) training modules. As per Stage One, you only have to watch the videos and and then participate in the Webinar.

To register for the Webinar, open the iKM Stage 2 Webinar lesson and register using one of the webinar links.


iKM Webinar 1 – Presentation

To download a copy of the presentation from iKM Webinar 1, please click here.