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Ignite Green Belt - Stage 2

Welcome to Recruitment School's - Recruitment Ninja - Green Belt.

Stage 2 consists of four (4) lessons.

All you have to do is watch the training videos and answer the quizzes.

Please download the workbooks and take a crazy amount of notes. There are some audio files to download if you wish and have the time.

A couple of points to note:

  1. All names used are fictitious and used for demonstration purposes only.  Any resemblance to any situation is purely coincidental 
  2. Any bias towards a specific gender is accidental and not to be considered a bias 

Ok, now its time to get started. Your lessons are below, simply click on the top lesson and you will be taken to the lesson.

Good luck and have fun!


Hi, everyone, I apologise for the recording of this webinar. Usually we can edit the recording but this one we haven't been able to so there is a pause at the beginning where we are waiting for people to arrive. Please move the bar to 0:001:13 where the webinar starts. Steve