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Ignite Green Belt - Stage 1

Welcome to Recruitment School's - Recruitment Ninja - Green Belt. This training has been chosen by Ignite to help you become even more awesome at what you do.


The Recruitment Ninja Green Belt is broken up into thirteen (13) lessons, ten (10) mandatory and three (3) electives. We have broken the learning up into four (4) stages. Each Stage has a supporting webinar that we would like you to participate in. The Webinars are an open discussion where we discuss the lessons you have completed and apply these learnings to real world scenarios, so please come prepared to talk.


Each lesson has a quiz which is pretty easy, assuming you paid attention in the lesson. All quizzes are multiple choice and have only five (5) questions. In all quizzes you have to achieve 100% before you can progress onto the next lesson. If you do not achieve 100%, don't panic, just make sure you have read the question and answer correctly as we have purposely built in ambiguity, because your industry is full of it.


Your immediate Manager has been through our Knowledge Master (sort of a coaching course) course, which means they are able to help and support you through this process if you have trouble. So please if you have any issues, don't hesitate to harass your Manager.


At the initial stages of your training there will be four (4) webinars per week, to help you get started. Over the next few weeks this will be reduced to two webinars. The webinars use technology and you will require a headset and microphone. All webinars have a codeword at the end of the webinar that you will use to progress to the next stage in your learning. Without this codeword, you will not be able to progress, so please make sure you participate in one of the webinars.


If over the next five weeks you are away and can not participate in a webinar, we will be replaying the webinars the following week, so you can catch up.

Stage 1 consists of an induction lesson so that you know your way around the Recruitment School site together with three courses. All you have to do is watch the training videos. There are workbooks and audio files to download if you wished have the time.

A couple of points to note:

  1. All names used are fictitious and used for demonstration purposes only.  Any resemblance to any situation is purely coincidental 
  2. Any bias towards a specific gender is accidental and not to be considered a bias 

Ok, now its time to get started. Your lessons are below, simply click on the top lesson and you will be taken to the lesson.

Good luck and have fun!