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Recruitment Ninja

  • Qualification: Yellow Belt
  • Ninja Credits: 50
  • Time to complete: Approx 60 mins
  • Included: Workbook + Privacy Principles
  • Prerequisite Courses: How to Manage Expectations

How To Conduct a Face to Face Interview

This module is going to walk through how to interview someone.

Course Structure

  •  There is one module in this lesson which will take you approximately 60 minutes inclusive of the assessment. The lesson has been broken down into 4 topics of approximately 15 minutes each. The topics do not have an assessment, only a assessment for the whole course.
  • The lesson comes with a workbook which is a PDF version of the course with space for notes. Please download the workbook to improve your retention.
  • The course also includes a copy of the Australian Privacy Principles which we encourage you to become familiar with.


All participants in How To - Interview course should have a broad understanding of different roles that they will be interviewing for. You need the following experience

  • Be computer literate
  • Have access to a reliable internet connection
  • Have uninterruptible time to dedicate to the learning process
  • Must have completed the How to Manage Expectations lesson


Once complete, participants will

  • be competent in running a structured interview
  • be able to utilise language patterns to extract pertinent information from a candidate
  • be able to identify issues that a candidate may be embellishing

Who is Best Suited for this Course?

The best suited person to complete this course is someone who

  • needs to interview frequently
  • is able to talk/communicate to all levels within the their industry
  • is organised
  • is capable of multi tasking and thinking on their feet
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