We have been in your shoes. For over 25 years we have been running recruitment functions (agency & internal).

RecruitmentSchool.com.au is a division of Recruitment 4 Recruitment, one of Australia’s leading Recruitment consultancies, which has been providing training a consultancy services since 2009. 

Recruitment School is all about sharing our 25 + years of Recruitment and HR experience/knowledge with you so you can become the one best recruiters in the country. Its our way of giving back.

FACT - Recruitment is a tough gig. Its more of a mind game then anything else. Our principal Steve Begg says regularly

in recruitment, it's not the work that's hard, it's the discipline.

OUR SOLUTION - littered throughout our website, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, are free lessons on how to be the best recruiter you can be. They are there for you and they are totally FREE! Use and abuse them as much as you like.

FACT - There is a heap of BS in the recruitment industry. We know that this may be a little controversial but its true. The industry is over populated and in some cases with less than ethical players.

OUR SOLUTION - NO BS - Here is our promise to you - there is no BS at Recruitment School -  NONE!!!! What you get from us is 100% genuine proven knowledge. We are not saying we are the most knowledgable in the industry, but we have made a heap of mistakes, and the best part, we have learned from these mistakes and are now passing them onto you.

FACT - Skills and ethics have taken a back seat in Recruitment. Why are so many people cutting corners. Why are so many recruiters doing the wrong thing by their candidates and clients.

OUR SOLUTION - Interwoven through every one of our lesson are standards on what is the right and wrong thing to do in our industry. That's right, we teach our students exactly how to act in this wonderful industry

It’s in our DNA to help people. Recruitment 4 Recruitment is all about solving problems in the recruitment industry. That can be building a new recruitment function (agency or in-house), improving the effectiveness of existing functions or building a technology solution that solves a bigger problem.

To complement that, Recruitment School is here to provide all the skills you will ever need.


We have tried to keep things very simple for you. Yes, the website has been professionally built, however, it is not full of “stuff” that will slow everything down. Just amazing content that is easy to access for an affordable price.


You can go to a classroom and be talked at for a few days to be "trained" in recruitment by an ex recruiter (who doesn't want to recruit anymore) and pay six (6) times as much as what you will pay via RecruitmentSchool.com.au. 

What you will not find here is professionally designed, fancy/spunky videos that have cost thousands and thousands to produce; and we are not apologising for that. Those professionally shot training videos cost a fortune to produce and the content is nowhere near as good as ours. At Recruitment School, content is KING!

Our training is raw material, delivered exactly the same way it was delivered to the people we used to manage. That is why our pricing is much lower than what you’ll find with other educators.


One of the biggest issues with any type of training is what happens when its finished. We know that too well. So we have designed a flexible Coaching and Support package that you can add-on to any of your courses. The Coaching & Support Packages help you "bed down" your new skills. We have even added a three-month coaching package to our Recruitment Bootcamp course to help new people become awesome quickly